Frank F. Borman II
James A. Lovell, Jr.

4-18 December 1965

William Bradley

Gemini 7

"Gemini 7 was to be a two-week mission with mostly medical experiments being conducted. Therefore, we wanted an insignia that would signify medicine and endurance, much like a long-distance runner... The artwork on the Gemini 7 patch was done by NASA artists."

--Jim Lovell, from All We Did Was Fly to the Moon

The Gemini 7 patch shows an Olympic torch, symbolic of the marathon-like 14-day mission. Souvenir patches include the astronaut names, but they were not present on the original design nor the patches that the astronauts wore. However, the Gemini 7 patch hung on the wall of the MOCR (Mission Operations Control Room, aka Mission Control) does include the crew names.

NASA photo Embroidered patch

NASA photo ID: S65-54129
Taken: 1 Oct 1965

A reproduction embroidered Gemini 7 patch. Just like the "real thing", this patch does not include the astronauts' names.
83mm dia

Embroidered patch Embroidered patch

A Gemini 7 patch that includes the crew names. "GEMINI SEVEN" at the top is redundant, since "VII" appears in the body of the design. While not worn by the crew, this variant was carried on the flight as souvenirs. This actually matches the version that was hung in the MOCR. Thanks to Donnis Willis for this image.

An incredibly faithful remake of the crew-names version
of the patch. This was done by Chris Spain in 2011.
96mm dia

Embroidered patch Embroidered patch

Yet another version with crew names -- but without the mission name. Like the artwork -- but unlike the patch worn by the crew -- this one has no border.
104mm dia

The 2010 remake by AB Emblem. This includes some of the oddities of the flown patch -- one of which is that the patch isn't actually round, but somewhat oblate. Another being that the top of the torch handle doesn't align with the bottom.
84mm w × 81mm h

Lovell suiting up for flight

The Gemini 7 patch can be seen on the right shoulder of Lovell's lightweight G5C pressure suit. The embroidered patch has a white rim. The suit technician is also wearing the patch.

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