John W. Young
Michael Collins

18-21 July 1966

Barbara Young

Gemini 10

"On Gemini 10, which in my view has the best-looking insignia of the Gemini series, artistic Barbara Young had developed one of John's ideas and come up with a graceful design, an aerodynamic X devoid of names and machines."

--Michael Collins, Carrying the Fire

The trajectory orbiting the "X" shows Gemini rendezvousing with the Agena target vehicle. The stars Castor and Pollux of the constellation Gemini could represent the two crewmembers, the Gemini and Agena spacecraft, the two Agena vehicles Gemini X was to dock with, and the Gemini program itself. A patch of simplicity and subtlety, but rich with symbolism. It was worn on the right shoulder.

The correct orientation is ambiguous, due to the symmetry and lack of lettering, but photographs of the crew wearing the patch show the spacecraft on the right side. Souvenir versions of this patch include the astronauts names at the top and bottom, and expand the circle to encompass the "X".

NASA photo Embroidered patch

NASA photo ID: S66-41532
Taken: 1 Jul 1966

A Gemini 10 patch that is claimed to have been flown. It was lot 240 in the Spring 2004 Aurora Galleries auction.

Embroidered patch

A reproduction embroidered Gemini 10 patch.
circular part 101mm dia,
137mm maximum diagonal span

The 2010 remake by AB Emblem.
circular part 79mm dia,
103mm maximum diagonal span


NASA photo S66-42424
The Gemini 10 crew prior to flight.

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