Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
Richard F. Gordon, Jr.

12-15 September 1966


Gemini 11

Stars symbolically mark the milestones of the mission: the rendezvous with Agena on the first orbit (marked with a small gold star in the artwork); the docking with Agena; the 1368 km apogee, a new altitude record; and Gordon's spacewalk. The docking, apogee and spacewalk were also depicted pictorially. The Roman numeral XI projecting from the earth is also symbolic of the altitude record. Conrad and Gordon were both in the Navy, so the patch was done in the Navy colors of blue and gold.

The patch was worn on the right shoulder.

NASA photo Embroidered patch

NASA photo ID: S66-44308
Taken: 1 Aug 1966

A Gemini 11 patch that, it is claimed, was flown on the mission. The lettering, taller than that on the artwork, matches the patch seen in the detail from NASA photo 66-H-1200 shown below.

A beautifully rendered reproduction Gemini 11 patch. This patch matches the artwork, rather than the embroidered patch worn by the crew, in that the lettering is not "condensed". (see below)
72mm w × 102mm h

Another recent reproduction. This one attempts to duplicate the design of the flown patch, rather than the artwork. This is most clearly evidenced in the lettering and the border.

AB Emblem issued this remake of the Gemini 11 patch in the summer of 2006. It is based on the artwork for the patch, from which the flown version varies considerably. All the other embroidered patches shown here have a background that is too dark; this patch errs in the opposite direction, being a bit too light. The embroidery is beautifully precise, on an unembroidered background; but the shape of the patch is too broad.
85mm w × 112mm h

The 2010 remake by AB Emblem. This patch concentrates on reproducing the appearance of the flown patch, rather than the artwork. The differences with the AB Emblem patch to the left are quite startling..
78mm w × 111mm h


NASA photo S66-50725
Dick Gordon preparing for flight.


NASA photo 66-H-1200
The GTA-11 prime and backup crews in the white room with the closeout crew. Dick Gordon is on the left, with backup crewmember Neil Armstrong immediately to his left. Visible on the right breast of Armstrong's white coveralls is a "backup crew" version of the GTA-11 patch. Thanks to Ed Hengeveld for this image.

Details from 66-H-1200. On the right is the patch on Dick Gordon's shoulder; it can be seen here that the lettering is taller than in the artwork (i.e. it is a "condensed" font). On the right is the patch worn by Neil Armstrong; this patch carries the names of the backup crew, Amstrong and Anders. Though difficult to tell from this photo, I don't believe this patch was embroidered.

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